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We aim to make a difference, we promote Portuguese products and we focus on high quality, defining products, using our brands to provide sensorial and emotional taste experiences which define and characterise us, which are ours, from our region and from our country, Portugal.

A Portuguese word that has no translation and is known worldwide, with a strong, relational personality that describes Portugal so well. It is the brand that embodies and gives a shape and face to our products, most of which are seasonal and whose characteristics, quality and flavour awaken nostalgia and bring back fond memories and universal feelings that can be experienced and are accessible to everybody.

Inspired by the River Távora, which has its source in the region and flows into the River Douro. It guides us through a beautiful landscape of deep valleys, majestic mountains, verdant slopes, with chestnut and olive groves, vineyards and cornfields. It is where we select the Flôr do Távora, which gives us an olive oil with an unmistakable flavour and aroma, that the River Távora and its tributaries bring life to.